Friday, January 17, 2014

Advice for a college graduate

I recently received the following letter from a friend:

Hi Virginia,

My daughter Tess is graduating from the University of Arizona in May. As a gift I am giving her an advice book, advice from 100 people I respect -- people like you. 

The question I'm asking respondents is: "If you could offer a college graduate only one piece of advice which, in hindsight, you wish you had been offered, what would it be?" 

If interested, please respond by March 30th

So far, responses have ranged in length from one word to around 250 words. My suggestion? Be brief, be memorable.

Also, let me know how you wish to be identified: 1) name only, 2) name and title, 3) name, title and company. 

A graphic artist and I will put the book together and present it to Tess on her graduation day. 

Thank you in advance.

This is what I wrote back:

What a great idea and thank you for reaching out to me!

One piece of advice that I think of often are the lyrics to an Eagles song "City girls just seem to find out early how to open doors with just a smile."

But what I would say is:

Do what terrifies you: your successes will be sweeter than you dreamed, your failures will be less than you imagined, and if you end up in the middle, well most of life is lived in the middle, so what are you worried about anyway?


What do you think?