About Virginia

I have been hesitant to create an "about" page for my blog because I wondered, what could you, dear reader, want to know about me that isn't covered by the blog?

But then I read that the "about" page is the second most popular part of the blog, after the main content.

And then I found myself clicking on the "about" pages of the blogs I follow, wondering who ARE these people?

And I thought you'd wonder the same thing about me.

I'm a Jersey girl who's been transplanted to the west coast.

I'm a financial analyst for a software company that you've actually heard of, and whose product you might use.

I'm married to Captain America.

I've run five marathons, and I'm training for a sixth.

I'm an aspiring novelist.

I'm an introvert who can't figure out why pajamas aren't acceptable clothes to wear to work.

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

I love to bake.

I love to read. (When I met Captain America, he worked in a library!!!)

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