Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Good Thing About Being at Work Really, Really Late

I'm still at work. I've been here for nearly 12 hours, so I feel no guilt about taking 10 minutes to make a post.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I work in a green building. One of the green aspects is that at around 7pm all of the lights automatically go off. Inevitably, if we're working late someone screams in surprise and I run around my cube and turn on the lights (I sit closest to the lightswitch for my team).

So what could possibly be good about being at work so late they turn the lights out on you? Nothing. You have to hang around for another hour for it to get really good.

Why? Because at around 8, the cleaning crew shows up.

Our copier is located in our breakroom. And the breakroom lights go out at 7pm like the rest of the building. There are four lightswitches in the breakroom. I have no idea what they do, but none of them turn on the lights. Aha! The cleaning lady must know where the lights are!

Tonight, luck was on my side, and while I was blindly stumbling around the coffee/copy room (that's the clever name someone came up with to explain the room with the copier, fridge, vending machines, and coffee pots), lo and behold! The lights came on! And then the cleaning lady entered the coffee/copy, and I said "How'd you do that!?" She showed me that they keep the lightswitch for the coffee/copy outside the room, down the hall, and around a hidden corner. Perfect! The only room on my entire floor where you could possibly do yourself any harm, and the lightswitch is outside, down the hall and around a hidden corner! Brilliant!

I'm just glad the cleaning lady is more clever than I am!


  1. The cleaning lady is more clever than you because your brain can only hold so much info. Once you pass your BS and start getting your MS the less common info starts pushing the common sense info onto the floor at the other end of your brain. :)

  2. My music room has timed lights and no windows, so I'll be sitting and working at my computer, and the whole room will go black, like every 15 minutes. Drives me insane, and freaks me out just a little. I have to get up from the computer, hope I didn't throw things on the floor to recycle across the room, and wave my arms in the middle of the room. Frequently, I'll yell an curse, as if magically the motion sensor is voice activated, too! ;) Quite ridiculous.