Monday, February 15, 2010

Things that make me really annoyed

At least once a week, Captain America and I come home to find that some real estate agent has left some random flyer, or pad, or other piece of junk attached to our front door. This makes me so angry because I don't want their crap! And we have a perfectly good real estate agent who helped us find this house, and who isn't annoying us, to whom we'll go if and when we decide to sell this house.

I saw the lady leave the flyer on our door today and I thought about asking her where she lived so I can go leave random things at her house. But Captain America said to stop being so mean. I'm being mean? I'm not leaving stuff people don't want at other people's houses!

I suggested we get a sign that says "no solicitors," but Captain America laughed in that way that means, that's not happening. Apparently that would make us the neighborhood assholes. And we wouldn't get any Girl Scout Cookies.

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