Friday, May 14, 2010

Disproportional grumpiness

Does anyone else have something ridiculously small that makes them more irritated than it should on a regular basis? Even as I'm writing this, I know how petty it sounds, but the parking-garage-construction-situation at my office irritates me every morning. Every morning! Even though 1) I knew about it before it started, 2) I know it's going to be going on for the next year, 3) there's nothing I can do about it, and 4) I know how silly it is for me to be annoyed by it.

I mean, is this even rational?

I work in a small office park. By small, I mean there are two buildings that share this garage. There's a third building, but they don't use our garage. The other building is a currently empty, new building, that recently signed it's lease. So right now, it's having construction done, too...y'know, where they actually put in the partitions for offices, etc. Which is why the garage is having construction done...they're expanding it. Why they didn't just build a big enough garage in the first place is anyone's guess!

Right now, half of each floor of the garage is closed off for the construction, along with all of the first floor, and the other non-garage ground-level spaces. The current rumor is, that because this other building is going to have medical offices, the whole first floor of the garage, post-construction, is going to be reserved for patients.

Normally, in normal parking garage situations, say, at a mall, I have no issue with parking on the second, or third, or whatever floor of the garage. Here's the thing at work, though. I thought I was getting to work at 8:30. But I started to notice at around 9 or 9:15, that I had been at work a while and hadn't actually done a thing. What I discovered is that I enter the parking garage at 8:30, but it takes me another 20 minutes to actually park, get out of the garage, get into my building, and get up to my cube. So by 9, I'm still just logging into things, opening programs, and filling my water bottle. A half hour of my day just gone!

I have tried getting to work early so I can get a "good" spot. There are two problems with that. The first is that now that half the garage is closed, there are half as many "good" spots. The second is that while I would love to work 7-3:30-ish, I do not work for an "early" company. Meaning: even if I get to work early, I won't get to leave early. I'm not stupid. I'm not working more for more aggravation!

Do you see what I mean? Are you reading this rant thinking, alright, Virginia, grow up and get over it! It's just a stupid parking garage!

I am! And yet it still drives me crazy!

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