Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emotional resources have limits, too

I knew it!

This post on unclutterer confirms it! One really can run out of patience (ok, the article says "self-control," but for me, at least sometimes, the two are the same).

I always thought this was possible, so I was pleased to actually read this news because after especially trying days at work, it is very hard for me to be kind and understanding and nice to Captain America, and I feel guilty about it because he really is a sweet and wonderful person. I run out of patience on a variety of things, but I think I can group them pretty well into major areas.

The first is when I've already stated or explained something. I know everyone needs reminding of things sometimes, but when you're already worn out, it's hard to remember that no one remembers everything.

The second is when I see a logical order to the things that need to be done, but either Captain America doesn't see that same order, or maybe he's missing pieces of it, so he doesn't see the importance of doing whatever it is I've asked him to do first first.

Finally, it takes a lot to wear me out, but when I get worn out, I get really, really worn out and cannot make a decision, be it what to eat for dinner, what I want to do this weekend, or if we should repaint the house this year or next.

The good news is, there are ways to improve self-control. Like a muscle, with proper exercise and rest, self-control can become stronger. Somewhat ironically, I find that the times I most need more self-control are the same times in my life when I have the least amount of time to practice self-control.

One thing that helps with self-control is getting enough sleep. It's amazing how many of my problems are more manageable when I get enough sleep. Sleep is one thing I have not been getting enough of lately, so I think I'll make that my baby-step goal. It's as good a place to start as any!

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