Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sometimes my life is just strange

I'm what I call a "stuff out" sort of in, I leave stuff out until I'm finished with it and then I put it away. I'm really not messy, but if it's not in front of me, I'll forget to do it. Which is why, for example, my Filofax is always on my desk at work...otherwise I'd forget to check it before I leave and I wouldn't know if I had to do something later or not. This clearly saves valuable brain space, as I'm not bothering to waste time remembering every little thing I need to do. Which means I can use more of that brain space at work actually working. Or something.

Anyway, as you can imagine, there is a lot of stuff on my desk. Because my job is, in a nutshell, to put out fires, I rarely actually get anything done, and only occasionally do accounting-type things, like journal entries. I also tend to bring a lot of "snack" type foods for lunch...fruit, oatmeal, smoothies, peanut butter crackers, get the idea. So frequently I'm struck with the idea that the fastest way to clean off my desk is to eat everything on it. But once I say that thought in my head, it strikes me as being very, very funny.

Or maybe this is just the first sign that I'm progressing down a slope of mental decline that can only culminate (or I guess, anti-culminate) in becoming a drooling, incoherent, puddle of a person.

**As an update, I tried to find a picture or clip art of some sort of disembodied head eating office supplies, which is what is going on in my imagination. All sorts of random pictures come up if you google that. I actually DON'T recommend it.

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