Monday, December 27, 2010

We R drilling doing steamed want from bond

Translation: We are still running errands, and do you want anything from Vons?

Amazingly, my sister responded: No thx, Im good, and dont let mom do the texting.

Even more interestingly, is that my mother managed to type all of that as a picture message, and then it didn't actually go through to my sister. Maybe Sister just has a universal response to all texts that make absolutely no sense!

I wonder if I can apply that idea to IMs from my boss that make no sense?

I send email

No thanks, I'm good

Did you talk to K about the sku change. I think it's not immaterial so we'll need extra reporting. I didn't see email. Can you resend and check?

No thanks, I'm good

-Check with K because his arpu is different and includes the y codes. you need to include the y codes.
-the y codes are automatically included
-but you need to back them out of the f codes
-but the f codes are BB
-but they're being included in the disconnect flux

No thanks, I'm good.

And I give up!

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