Friday, April 1, 2011

Resolution Update: March

Do you see how on top of things I've suddenly become?  It's April 1 and this is NOT A JOKE.  I am actually going to tell you how my resolutions are going.  March was my most successful month to date, with a 47% success rate, but that is mostly because I discounted my exercise and stretching for the 13 days post-surgery when I wasn't allowed to do anything, and I cut out 10 and 11 days, respectively, of diet improvement and finding a writing job. 

My new plan for diet improvement is to simply not buy anything while at work.  No snacks, no sodas, no Starbucks.  That should save my waist and money.  And I'm taking a hiatus from looking for a writing job because it's a tedious process and right now the pay rate for the work I'd get isn't worth the time I spend looking.  Don't think I've given up my dream of writing; it's just that writing articles and proofreading essays, while definitely in many ways better than my current job, isn't actually my writing dream

I was most successful this month at reading (big surprise!), with an 87% success rate, next at flossing, at, I'm embarrassed to say, a 55% success rate, followed by blogging (did  you notice?) at a 52% success rate.  I totally flopped at stretching and writing a novel.  But I think the stretching will come back when I can start running again (ON MONDAY!!!!!) and the novel writing when I'm not living at work.

Finally, one new resolution was formed for April: find a new job.  In case you hadn't been paying attention (and you're really better off if you haven't been), it is just time for me to close the chapter on my current job and move on.  Even if things with my boss miraculously improved, I just don't think the company is one I can get behind any more.  And I am in the incredibly fortunate position where my husband loves me and trusts me enough to go out and find new work, and hates that I'm miserable at my current work, and that we have enough saved up to pay the mortgage for a few months, that I can just quit my job if I want to. 

And you know, I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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