Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Web FilesThe Web Files by Margie Palatini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a children's book that was recommended to me by my mother ages ago. I really enjoy reading children's books because I think they're more challenging to write than most people think. First, you have to tell a complete story in less than 40 pages. The story has to be entertaining enough for adults to want to (or be willing to) read it a gazillion times, but it has to be age appropriate.

What I like about Palatini is that she uses a lot of puns, and she incorporates other children's stories into her works. For example, in "The Web Files," Ducktective Web is working the barnyard shift, and he has to interview some suspects for a robbery. One of the suspects is little boy blue. Upon determining that he is innocent, Ducktective says, "we put the kid out to pasture."
These silly quips, combined with colorful illustrations, makes this a book kids will enjoy, and parents will find amusing.

Captain America had a rough day at work the day I brought this book home from the library.  Of course I read it to him as a bedtime story (what's the point of children's books if not for bedtime stories?).  He was not nearly as amused by this book as I was, but then again he is rarely as amused by children's books as I am.  However, this one starred ducks, and he's a duck, and I had my duck slippers on, so all in all, he didn't mind too much.

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