Saturday, July 9, 2011

June Resolutions

While I enjoy having a resolutions checklist to mark off all of the things I've done, it's frustrating to see how much stuff I'm not doing.  I'm going to blame work, and friends, and chores for sucking up the time I could be spending doing other things.  And by "blame" I really mean, the reality is, that no one can spend every waking moment working on their to-do list, because we all have real things that need to happen.

So that being said, I only had a 36% success rate in June.  My big winners were reading (27 times) and flossing (21 times), and the big losers were writing my novel (0 times) and arts and crafts (3 times).  I had high hopes for both of these when we were on vacation in Colorado, but wouldn't you know, vacationing got in the way! 

I have also decided that I'm going to eliminate "blogging" from my resolutions list.  Not because I don't plan on continuing to blog, but because if I'm going to spend my time doing something creative, I'd rather it be writing my novel or arts and crafts.  Also, as I've mentioned before, I'm just feeling less rantier, so there's less to say.  But I still love to read, so there will be book reviews to post (which I  understand are not everyone's favorite, but this is my blog, and evidently, I prefer reading over ranting...that's probably a sign of maturity or something).

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