Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying out electronic checklists

I am a checklist fiend. It's the thing that comes up in my annual reveiw at work as both one of my strongest suits (I am both organized and efficient!) and one of my weakest points (I could use more flexibility. Who wants a flexible accountant anyway?).

So remember how a while ago I said I was going to try to become a little greener? Well, every month, I have a checklist of everything I need to do to complete my month end processes. This month I'm not printing it out. Yes, I realize I'm only saving one sheet of paper and however much ink, but it's a huge step for me!

I really, really like crossing things out. I like visually being able to see at the end of the day everything that I have accomplished, what's left to do, and if I'm on schedule or not.

This month, I'm blacking-out the cells as I complete things, and after close is over, I'll just un-black-out the cells and reuse the sheet. Brilliant? Not so much. I'm pretty sure a second grader could have come up with this system. More importantly, however is that it's working! At least so far. It is only day three of a 10-day cycle!

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