Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How awesome is Scrabble?

My mother and I played a lot of scrabble during her visit.  Partly because her visit was extended by two days and partly because we're really cool like that.  We play with a couple of house rules, namely, sometimes we help each other, which is just friendly and moves the game along a little bit, and we allow the dictionary.  Typically, we use the dictionary to double check the spelling of a word, or to see if something is a word.  You know, when you have a bunch of letters organized in front of you and they look like a word, and maybe you're even pretty sure you've seen the word somewhere, but you're just not positive. 

Usually my mother and I score along the same lines, with the difference usually in the 20-30 point range, at most.  (If you don't play scrabble, this may seem like a lot, but really, it's not.)

During our last game, however, I had a massive scrabble breakthrough!  I actually used all seven of my tiles in one move!  I wrote the word "unclasp," using my S to make my mother's "orbit" plural.  I scored the extra 50 points, and ended the game!  Then I danced around the house like a maniac and informed Captain America, who had just come home from work, of my brilliance that evening.  He looked at me like I was nuts as I danced around saying, unclasp! unclasp! I wrote unclasp!  What?  he asked.  Unclasp, like you unclasp your bra.  Well not your bra, you don't wear a bra!  But I unclasp my bra! Unclasp!  At which point my mother and I dissolved into giggles and left the room.

For the record, I also had to contend with the Q, Z, J, and X tiles that game.  It's almost like I'm a scrabble superhero!

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