Monday, March 14, 2011

The Door Snake

Remember when I was all, I'm going to be super GREEN? Well, somewhere along the way, I fell off that bandwagon.  Work became more stressful, my sister abandoned me to a different farmer's market, and my husband changed shifts, so we're just not cooking as much.  And there was also the whole how-much-is-my-time-worth/how-much-time-do-I-want-to-invest-in-this debate. 

As I've discussed earlier, we recycle as much as possible, we use re-usable bags, etc., etc., but I'm not going to skip out on showers, and I have no interest in getting my hands dirty in a garden.  In fact, we haven't joined a CSA because I don't like vegetables that much, and the thought of getting a whole box of them every week (or two) completely overwhelms me. 

But, while my mother was here helping me recover from surgery, she made us a door snake.  Okay, I'm not actually sure what they are technically called, but it's one of those things that you put in front of the door and it prevents a draft from blowing in (see pic in ad...btw, Mom, you could be making a TON selling these things!).  Yes, I live in San Diego, but it does get cold at night, and we do turn the heat on, and there's no sense in allowing all of that heat to escape when the laundry/sewing/cooking fairy is in our house! 

And ours is purple, so it's way more attractive than what you can buy on-line.  I keep telling my mom to open up an etsy account because she sews a ton, but she keeps saying she's not interested in selling stuff.  Anyway, if you're interested in your own door snake, let me know, and I'll see if my mom is interested in making you one. 

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