Sunday, March 13, 2011

Resolution Followup: February

The calculation for the success rate for my resolutions for February became slightly more complicated than it was for January due to two events: I had surgery, and I paid off my car.  The raw number is that I accomplished 98 of the possible 280 things in February, for a success rate of 35%.  This is not as good as January.  However, if you count paying off my car as 100% successful, it would count as 28 items, which would boost my score to 124 (trust me on this math) out of 280, or 44%.  I then decided to deduct two from the denominator because I had surgery on the 28th, and while I'm sure no one expected me to do all that much that day, I absolutely could not exercise or stretch.  So my total was 124 out of 278, or a 45% success rate. 

Additionally, the categories that I succeeded the most at, were, unsurprisingly, reading with 24 occurrences flossing with 20, and exercising with 16.

I'm actually debating removing "write a novel" and "find a writing" job from my resolutions because they are just really hard to do.  But on the other hand, that's sort of the point of resolutions, isn't it?  I'm in this wishy-washy state with my career, and I'm feeling a little bit like I'm letting my life happen to me, and am not being quite as proactive as I should be, and again I'm going to blame my job.  Between the hours, the fact that I think my company is nuts, and the stress, I'm just all around exhausted.  And no one can do everything all of the time anyway, so as long as I do something every day, I'm going to consider it a success.

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