Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventures with Laundry, or the Story of the Thwarting of Virginia's Knight in Shining Goggles

After my very long post yesterday, and my very exciting title today, I seriously doubt anyone will continue to read my blog. That's ok, I already talk to myself a lot. I really was going to cut yesterday's post up into smaller ones--three--one for each resolution, but I guess I never came up with a good way to do that.

This is not entirely a non-sequitur, but I realize it seems like one. One of my old coworkers used to refer to my husband as Captain America. At the time, my husband's ringtone on my phone must have sounded like super-hero theme music, because my coworker would say things like "Captain America's calling you!" My husband's new ring tone, a change due to an upgrade to a new phone with different ring tones, disappointingly does not sound like super-hero theme music.

So, on to the real point of this blog:

A few weeks ago, the light stopped working in the garage. The light bulbs were new, so hubby, aka Captain America, called Uncle Chef (obviously a man of varied skills) to find out what to do. Uncle Chef walked hubby through replacing the switch box. This seemed to work, more or less. The lights worked, but they did that annoying flickering thing that fluorescent light bulbs do when they're dying. Except ours aren't dying. So hubby called Uncle Chef again, and he agreed to come down from the O.C. some time and help out with this project, as it now seems the entire thing will need to be rewired.

Uncle Chef hasn't come yet, and the lighting situation has nearly disintegrated. When we're home during the day (i.e. Saturday and Sunday), we can just do the laundry in the garage with the door open. This is not a step forward when it's dark out.

The light in the garage does emit some light. I suggested to Captain America that he just go get me his night vision goggles and I'd wear those while doing the laundry. How cool would that be?

Yeah, well, Captain America decided that it would just be more sensible for him to hang the cage light above the washing machine. Who knew super heroes were practical?

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