Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life is Full of Minor Dissapointments

That's what my mother always used to say, and it never really made me feel any better. I'm not Pollyanna, so getting the smaller piece of cake, for example, didn't lead me to think, well, at least I get cake. One should be able to cut a cake into x number of equal-sized pieces. In theory, an infinite number of equal-sized pieces. So getting a smaller piece than someone else just makes me wonder why life is unfair in places where it doesn't even have to be.

But one of my resolutions is to be actively happier, so I'm going to try to be one of those people who think, Yess!!!! Cake!!!! Because, even though I understand both geometry and fractions, when I cut cake, inevitably the pieces will end up being of noticeably different sizes. I'm going to hope that through the karma of the universe, sometimes I'll end up with the bigger piece. And if not, I guess my jeans will fit better than the guy who did end up with the bigger piece. Maybe it's more like life is full of tradeoffs.

In my on-going attempt to be more environmentally sound, and because a lot of our tupperware was beginning to be of questionable soundness, I bought some new food-storage containers. Specifically, two lunchbots, that we haven't tried out, and some containers from preserveproducts that say they are seal-tight, but they aren't. Both yesterday and today my soup leaked out of them. (Pollyanna: at least you have soup). Right. Back to the real world.

The lids are screw-top, and when I screwed it on, it didn't seem tight enough to be "seal-tight," but having never used this product before, I just though, hunh, well we'll try it. I guess it's possible that "seal-tight" doesn't mean water-tight, but that's at best a narrow distinction. It's also possible that some user-error came into play and that I just didn't screw the lids enough. I'm sure the containers are great for non-liquidy things, like fruit (which I can attest to, has worked very well) or mixed nuts. I might even give them a go with something in pasta and sauce.

Or, I suppose I could just use them for cake.


  1. Bring the leaky container back. Why have little annoyances in your live if they and be eliminated.

  2. I bought it online. Returning it involves figuring out the return policy, finding a box, going to the post office...the container was only $3. It's just easier to keep it and use it for non-soup foods.