Saturday, June 4, 2011

April Resolutions, and the most successful day of the month!

Wow, and I just realized how far behind I am that this never got published!  Hopefully, we will be back with our regularly scheduled ranting shortly!

I had a hugely successful April, with a 50% success rate on my resolutions, completing 119 out of 240 possible tasks.  My most successful task was reading, which I did EVERY DAY in April, for a 100% completion rate.  My least successful task was writing my novel, which I did only one day, but that fateful day, April 27, is the first day that I've completed every resolution. 

I also did a good job at looking for a new job (22 times) and exercising (21 times).  I was pretty bad at tackling a nagging task (9 times), but that sort of seems reasonable, given the name of the task.  While I flossed more than I blogged, I only did it 15 times in April, which is kinda gross, so I'm going to aim for a better record in May.

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