Monday, June 13, 2011

May's resolutions: the ever-evolving life of Virginia

I know I just published April's resolutions, but I resolve to do a better job of publishing my resolutions.

As you may or may not have noticed over the past few months, my resolutions are constantly changing and evolving.  I think this is totally reasonable, given the fact that life is not stagnant.  In May, I removed "tackle a nagging task" because it wasn't useful for me, and because I keep a daily to-do list, so my nagging tasks are really more like my reading lists.  Because there is NEVER enough time for all the reading there is to be done.  I have also removed "find a new job" because I have found a new job, or at least a consulting position through September.  I have added "arts and crafts" because somehow, when my old job took over my life, I forgot how much I enjoy arts and crafts.  Crocheting and cross-stitching in particular, because I find it very relaxing to do something that repetitive.  And it involves counting.  I am such an accounting dork. 

Anyway, on to what I actually did in May.  I had a 42% success rate, which is lower than April, but I've been feeling happier lately than I have, maybe ever.  If you recall, the resolutions checklist was part of The Happiness Project plan...something about accomplishing things that you should be doing (like exercise) along with things that you enjoy doing, but that frequently get pushed aside in the course of life (like arts and crafts) makes people happier.  I'm not sure this checklist is the cause of my happiness, but it's certainly nice to see all of the things I've been accomplishing.

Like usual, reading was the most successful task in May, with 27 days, followed by exercise with 22 and flossing with 20 (better than April!).  I know people who enjoy flossing, but I don't.  I also don't enjoy washing my face and removing my eye makeup, but I've been working on doing a better job at sticking to those routines, too.  Ironically, I love my bite-guard, and since I've had it, I've only forgotten to wear it once.
On the losing end of the spectrum was writing my novel with only one day.  **Sigh** I will get to this.  Also on the low end was a tie between tackling a nagging task (which I decided to remove on May 22) and arts and crafts with six days each.  However, while I crochet, I listen to books on CD, so each crochet session is the length of one CD.  I know I could listen to part of a CD, and finish it the next day, or whatever, so it doesn't take up such a huge chunk of my time when I do it (which would probably also make my crocheting more consistent looking), but I haven't managed to do that yet.

Life is a work in progress, right?  Or is it process?  I can never figure out which "p" word makes more sense.

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