Saturday, March 3, 2012

Resolution update

Remember all the way back to January when I made some resolutions? No? Well, me, neither a lot of times. But as it happens, I had a set of four financial resolutions.  One was to pay off my credit card, which I did on January 13, at least for the first time.  Since then, I had a bunch of dental work done and there's a balance again (don't panic, Captain America!).  I think I'm just going to be in a perpetual state of paying off my credit card.

Anyway, one of my other financial goals was to have $20K in savings, and that was accomplished today, with a check from my mother who graciously offered to pay for part of my lasik surgery.  Of course, this means that as soon as Captain America moves the money around to pay off the credit card on which we charged the surgery, we will, in his words "be poor."  Nonetheless, I'm taking it as a victory and crossing it off my resolution list.  Because, of course, the point of a savings account is to use it for big things, like lasik, or unexpected things, like lasik. 

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