Thursday, May 10, 2012

Don't balance, juggle

This is the advice on the sign in the bathroom at my work--part of an advertising campaign to get employees to update their career development plans.

I'm not actually sure this is advice, though.  Personally, if I were the business, I'd rather my employees balance things: their daily tasks with long-term goals, their personal lives with their professional ones, their diets, to name a few.  I admit, life is, in actuality, more about juggling than balancing, at least for the vast majority of us.  Or maybe just for me. I'd like my life to be balanced, but it frequently feels more like I'm juggling a number of obligations.  Sometimes it even feels like juggling stuff I enjoy: do I go out with my friends, or stay home and read a book? If I give up x amount of sleep, can I do both?

Wow, and when I started this post, I had a whole lot more to say on the topic, like a well thought out tangent on how if my company wants me to juggle and I want to balance, maybe I shouldn't be working there.  But it's been a busy week and I'm about to get on a red-eye, and technically I'm a contingent worker, so I'm paid by the hour regardless if I'm a balancer or a juggler, and the internet is such a weird place that when I googled images of tightrope walking, this actually came up.  It's like steampunk met Water for Elephants and then had a baby with Lewis Carroll. And I thought my imagination was a strange place!

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