Friday, March 1, 2013

I totally get this

Periodically, I read The Happiness Project blog, and this one resonated with me. I've read about the police theory of broken windows, but I also agree with Gretchen Rubin this idea applies in our personal lives.

although not this much like clutter
My big broken windows are the gigantic stacks of books that I plan to read that are lying around. I've taken to hiding them (no, seriously, I have), because I really want to read them, but I haven't gotten to them yet, and they're starting to look like clutter.

Another thing I read over at The Happiness Project also had to do with's tip number 12...and ignore the inconsistent numbers in this blog...the title says 12, the opening paragraph says 11, and then she lists 12. These things happen.

I really like how her friend points out that she can store stuff at the store. That's brilliant!

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