Friday, February 11, 2011

Eat Right For Your TypeEat Right For Your Type by Peter J. D'Adamo

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay, first, some clarification: I did not read this entire book. I read through my blood type, O, and I perused my husband's blood type, A.

This book started out a little scientific-y, basically arguing the premise that if your blood fuels your body, then what you eat should fuel your blood. And, as we know there are different blood types, so it stands to reason that they could be fueled differently.

I picked up this book for a variety of reasons, including that I'm trying to lose a little weight, and that by living with a vegetarian I discovered that she could eat foods and feel full and energetic, and I'd eat the same thing and be STARVING ten minutes later. So, I thought, it stands to reason that certain diets are more favorable to certain people.

But then the book got ridiculous and complicated. First, it's not easy to keep track of what you can and can't eat. For example, I'm allowed tomatoes and salt but not ketsup. Then it has all of these particular things you can do, and I feel like, yes, but I have a real job, I don't have time to go to the store and track down the whole list of things I can eat. I've never heave heard of hake, white perch, essene bread, kohlrabi, and a whole list of other things. And any diet I go on has to be compatable with my husband.

So the big picture is that I get to eat lots of meat, fruits, and veggies, and very little to no dairy products and grains. My husband gets to eat meat, except red meat, fruits, and veggies, and a little more dairy and grains than I do. Um, is this a surprising diet at all? I didn't think so. And it just doesn't sound like very much fun.

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  1. Do they spell it ketsup or do you spell it that way? I've always spelled it ketchup. Is it an NJ thing or a VJ thing? ;)

  2. It's totally a VJ thing...I completely forgot to spellcheck before I published. I am horrible with spelling.