Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July's resolutions

The month of July started out very, very slow, resolution-wise.  Mostly because we were on vacation.  Also because I didn't really feel like doing anything.  I also decided to remove both "blog" and "stretch" from my resolution list.  I'm not going to stop blogging, but it was becoming something I thought about doing every day, but couldn't really bring myself to do, and who needs that kind of stress over a hobby?  Also, I'm still stretching--I mean, hello! I signed up to run a marathon in October, I have to stretch! But, again, there's just other things I'd rather be doing than thinking about stretching.

Sort of unrelated to my resolutions, I've also discovered that lately, I've had a lot more fun thinking about my reading lists rather than actually reading anything on them.  I know, I don't actually have to read the stuff in the order it was put on the list, but I'm a bit of a control freak about that.  I'm sure if I had a psychiatrist, they'd say that maybe I'm substituting this rather pointless bit of control for something that is currently out of my control (or at least feels that way) like, oh, I don't know, maybe my career.  And now I've just charged myself $175. 

Anyway, on to what I've actually been doing.  In July, I both exercised and flossed 19 times.  I have yet to have Sister demonstrate her 30-second flossing routine, but I would love to have that skill set.  Is this the first month where I've exercised more than I've read? I read 15 times in July, which is actually less than half the month (see paragraph 2 above).  I did my arts and crafts stuff 10 times, which I consider a pretty good success rate, and I worked on my novel a whopping 3 times. 

A word on writing a novel.  It's hard.  I have a bunch of ideas flying around, but no real purpose for these fragments of story lines, and I can't figure out where I want my characters to end up.  And many of my ideas don't work together, so they're their own story.  So I have about 8 terrible books started.  At least they're started, right?

Before I decided to 86 the stretching, I actually got it in twice.  So, based on my fancy math skills, which I don't actually care to explain, my overall success rate for July was 38%.  Not fantastic.  Although my suspicion is (notice how after 7 months of doing this I finally have a suspicion as to how it works?) that it will be hard to be anywhere above 50% because all of these things take time.  And I do currently have a job.  And a husband.  And friends.  And laundry.  And all sorts of other things to do, like get caught up on True Blood.  So, if 50% is the goal, and I got 38%, I've actually had a 76% success rate at meeting the goal of 50%.  See, that is some pretty fancy math!

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